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Multi-Use PVC

Our Multi-Use containers range in size from 32 to 320 fluid ounces. These containers feature wide mouth neck finishes, easy grip handles, and a rectangular shape with large label panels. Bottles are available in clear and custom colors. All Multi-Use containers are made from recyclable FDA-approved material featuring high-impact and high-barrier materials.

Bottles available in bulk units and reshipper cartons. Pressure sensitive label application available. Prices quoted upon request.

Schoeneck Containers, Inc. - Multi-Use PVC
Bottle Number Size Material Overflow Volume Neck Finish Dimensions
138-32 32 oz. PVC 35.23 fl. oz. M63-SP400 6.61h x 4.29w x 3.08d
129-48 48 oz. PVC 50.07 fl. oz.
50.72 fl. oz.
7.14h x 4.80w x 3.48d
7.75h x 4.80w x 3.48d
132-68 64 oz. PVC 68.34 fl. oz.
68.34 fl. oz.
7.86h x 5.55w x 3.79d
7.71h x 5.55w x 3.79d
169-80 80 oz. PVC 81.50 fl. oz. M89-SP400 8.51h x 6.14w x 3.87d
139-96 96 oz. PVC 98.00 fl. oz. M89-SP400 8.50h x 6.50w x 4.35d
168-128 128 oz. PVC 135.68 fl. oz. M89-SP400 9.66h x 7.00w x 4.92d
108-160 160 oz. PVC 172.15 fl. oz. M110-SP400 10.32h x 7.57w x 5.15d
105-176 176 oz. PVC 178.00 fl. oz. M110-SP400 11.875h x 8.00w x 5.28d
156-210 210 oz. PVC 212.20 fl. oz. M110-SP400 12.875h x 8.00w x 5.28d
162-336 336 oz. PVC 336.00 fl. oz. M110-SP400 13.52h x 9.72w x 6.15d

* All bottle information is for reference only and subject to change.
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