Schoeneck Containers, Incorporated

Square Gallon

Our 128 fluid ounce square gallon bottle is an ideal packaging solution for multiple liquid applications. Bottles are available in clear and custom colors. All square gallon containers are made from recyclable FDA-approved material with high-impact and high-barrier materials.

Bottles available in bulk units, bulk boxes and reshipper cartons. Prices quoted upon request.

Schoeneck Containers, Inc. - Square Gallon
Bottle Number Size Material Overflow Volume Neck Finish Dimensions
35-128 128 oz. PVC 131.42 fl. oz. M38mm-SP400 11.21h x 5.71w x 5.58d

* All bottle information is for reference only and subject to change.
32oz. Quart Carafe 128oz. EZ Pour 128oz. Gallon Square 128oz. Gallon Round 128oz. Slant Handle Multi-Use PVC Multi-Use HDPE Off-Set Neck Squeeze Wet Wipes Canister Trigger Spray HDPE Fabric Care Pinch Grip Square Gallon Mid Neck Squeeze Round Custom
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